4 Key Steps To Succeed In YOUR Business.

Map your business success

The other day I was cleaning through my office, getting rid of the “Stuff” I had collected over the years.

Spending time in the coaching arena, as well, being a little bit of a hoarder of books and notes, as I sat flicking through the “Stuff”, got me thinking about how different business is today and how quickly things change.

Sure, you always have time tested areas that never change… like business fundamentals, facts and figures, they never leave.

But look at areas like advertising, online marketing, technology and social media…. even Live Streaming. And, all the new up dated business tools like affiliate marketing, network marketing all of which are designed to help you grow a global business.

Wow, how incredible and how exciting is it to be in business today. 

Never before has it been so easy for individuals or business to create extra cash flow with additional streams of income coming from many areas.

Where do you start today?

The Business Plan is a bit of a joke today!

You need a map! tracking out and mapping your direction. Business is so fast moving and changing too quickly to stick to a Business Plan. (You only ever show to the Bank Manager any way)

One thing that is still key, and is the difference between success or not is … if it isn’t written down it isn’t true.

The difference between knowing what to do, and doing it, is whether or not you schedule it and measure it. Any business that doesn’t take inventory will be out of business.

For Net-workers or Affiliate Marketers your inventory is your TIME.

What is the quality of the time where you are focused on the main thing?

4 Key Steps To Help You Build Your Business.

  1. Have a Vision – Some people say a why, “Have your why make you cry!”… I prefer to have a Vision because if you can’t see where you are going…. life gets in the way and you start getting distracted.
  2. Have a Blue Print / Plan – This is crucial a Blue Print to work by, something to keep you focused on as well something you can measure. With my master mind group they use the acronym M.M.A.C… Monitor. Measure. Adjust. Control.
  3. Have a Coach / Teacher / Mentor – Someone to help you navigate the path. (as well they keep you up to date with the fast moving ever changing online world)
  4. Massive Daily Action – You must have a daily routine. Your posts each day, any content you create to brand yourself, Live streams set them into your weekly schedule.


One massive change since my old shop front business days and coaching days is the approach of the Massive Value you must provide first before you can expect anything in return.

V.A.M. – Value Added Marketing and Live streaming is a major player for you in today’s business world.

To gain more influence, become recognized as the expert ( The Attraction Marketing Formula)… which in turn will help you generate free leads.

P.S: After a few years online, I will admit I was challenged when I first started. To much information and not knowing how to implement strategies that worked… did hold me back for a few years. On this note I strongly recommend the power of Attraction Marketing and I would encourage anyone wanting to build their business no matter what industry use it….I highly endorse the Attraction Marketing Formula it will save you a lot of time and money. 

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Helene Mearing

Pathfinder Helene

To create a profitable service business working with clients is not enough. You need to leverage your expertise to create passive income streams that don't require service delivery. If taught more when you start your business you could skyrocket your business at a much earlier stage... Marketing Made Ezi is here to help you do that. Learn the skills to promote your expertise.

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