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Yes, You Do Have A Story!

No matter whether you think no one could be interested in what you do or whether you’re the greatest bragger in the world, or somewhere in between you do have a story to share and your blog is one of the best sources of media for you.

Pathfinder HeleneWho am I? What lead me to where I am today working online?

My name is Helene Mearing and I am from the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia.

Back to my story.

Now I didn’t sit bolt upright in the middle of the night and say “That’s it, I’ve got it!” I’ve spent the last 10 years running a profitable hair salon I know what I am doing so I will start my own business online.


Crazy HairdresserCrazy Hairdresser comes up with new invention in her sleep”


Unfortunately it didn’t quite work that way.

I spent a number of years after selling my salon in the business coaching game. And, boy is that a game!, but more on that later.

What was interesting to see is how they all had similar problems

  • No time to live life,
  • There was never any money left at the end of the month
  • And staff, now that is another story.

I needed to go through this experience for a few years, as it was my wake up call to where life is heading (online) and it helped me really find my purpose…. and that was


To take what I knew about running a profitable business offline to teaching and training online.


I didn’t know how to use a computer!

At this stage my beautiful hubby was busy caring for his dad, I couldn’t burden him any more with my challenges.

I hated the coaching firm I was working with so I had to step up and make some changes.

Learn how to work the computer and start working on the Internet.

Now to cut a long story short, I did come across some major roadblocks and  devils disguised in the sheep’s clothing carrying beautiful shiny objects.


And is a part of my purpose with this blog. Your blog is an essential step to your business growth online. You’re more in control of your blog as compared to Social Media where you are just renting the space… they can shut you down or block your ads at any time.


I am here to be of service to you, share any value I have learned and recommend the products that have helped me along the way … of which I personally use today and NOT those slimy  shiny objects that tend to suck you down the rabbit hole.


If you have any questions please contact me:

My Email: helene@askhelenemearing.com

Or message me on Facebook.


Meet My Family….


On this journey my mission is to help small business  and entrepreneurs see the power of technology and how it has the ability to extend your reach and improve your process with building your business both online and offline.

P.S: My Free Gift to you for stopping by The Secrets To Reaping The Rewards Of Your Hard Work.

To your success…

Helene Mearing