Build Your Dream Business

Build Your Dream Business

Where do you start building your dream business?

After many years in business, yes, there has been the struggles and many highs and lows… All part and parcel of being an entrepreneur and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Fortunately, being committed to education and keeping an open mind to possibility, is key and has been a major part of the success I eventually had when running my last Hair Salon.

What had the most impact and growth for me, was working on me! Starting from the inside out and I truly believe that is where the secret lies.

Believe In Yourself.

One of the biggest challenges in business is that, it will present you, with what ever you are not good at! For me, it was the numbers! When you learn a trade, the numbers aren’t your greatest focus. However this is where networking and joint ventures happen. Your book keeper, accountant, what ever you need is there,  allowing you to keep focused on the main thing…. generating the income.

One key step they forget to train on…. Your BELIEF.Mindset Dreams Reality

After cashing out of my business, moving interstate, I took on the role of Business Coaching with a major firm…Yes the strategies and training were over and above, everything you need for the back end of your business… Goals, Profit / Loss, KPI’s, and all the other essentials to set the system in place…

But there was one big thing missing in so many of the business’s I dealt with …. the key to keep it all working together –Belief. 

You can follow the steps and strategies…. but if you are missing the key element of BELIEF you will struggle.

One mentor who still has greatest impact on me for business in the areas of Belief would have to be Bob Proctor.

His approach to business and changing your paradigms is amazing…. Let me share with you a summary of Bob’s Business Check List ..(This is not your typical check list for business all the legal stuff and licenses, websites etc… what we are looking at is what will make all that stuff work for you)

Success Check List: Start With Your Mind.

To build your business you must work with repetition, planting it in your conscious mind over and over again till it is a fixture in your subconscious mind… so you know where  you are going, before it can become a physical reality.

Starting with….

  1. Set a Goal -Relax, let the imagination go, what are your dreams and desires. Don’t get hooked up on the money and where it is all coming from. When you get to caught up in the ‘How’ you limit your dreams to what you think is possible. Then WRITE it down and I mean write it… you cannot just do this on your computer we need to mentally connect with the physical writing of it. Next step is to review your goals at least once a day for the next 30 days…then after 30 days continue to revise and review periodically.
  2. Print out a Goal Card – Carry it in your pocket and at the top of the card write “I am so happy and grateful now that ….” Condense your goal to a sentence and write it in the present tense. Read several times during the day.
  3. Practice Visioneering (Visualization) Create pictures of what you want in your mind, holding it there,  your ‘Will’ attracts to you every think you need to fulfill your dream. (One particular lady on my team I introduced to this a few weeks ago, so far this last week, she has phoned me every day or messaged me with what is being attracted into her life… money and leads.) It is amazing how this works.
  4.  Express Gratitude – such an important step. Write down 10 things you are grateful for every day.. do it in the morning and it gives you energy for the day.
  5. Create Affirmations – Repeat positive statements (affirmations) in the present tense about owning and managing a rewarding business. Read several times through the day.
  6. Think into your Desired Results – Write out in detail, the worst results you can think of for building your business. Next write out the best result you can imagine – the polar opposite of what you wrote initially……..Then destroy the negative description.- Burn it, shred it, or cut it up. Re Write the positive description. Re write the positive description every day until you start to see the results you desire.

While you mindset is a critical start of building your successful Business, it is also the essential step for leading you into taking new actions to grow your business further.

Over the next blog we will go into that more Action steps.

PS If you got value from this please leave a comment and share the post. The more people we have achieving their desired results the happier communities become and build a greater world around us…..

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