Building Your Attractive Character

Build The Attractive Character

Where do you start growing your business online?

Sitting listening to a Live Stream with Joel Therien talking about “The Attractive Character” you portray, got me really thinking to how do you really project yourself out there online…. particularly now with all this Live Streaming.

After digging a bit deeper I found, Russel Brunson and his book Dotcom Secrets. A great book and worth while getting your hands on, as he goes much deeper into “The Attractive Character”… if you use Mr Google I am sure you will find how you can grab a copy.

Reading a line in his book… Once you create your Attractive Character, your business will change for ever.

Of course, we are not talking about how good looking you are or if you are  gifted with so much beauty. We  are talking about you, your personality and how much energy and value you project out.

Facebook, YouTube doesn’t matter where. Online,Offline think about your business and what you are projecting out.

Dotcom Secrets, goes into it with more depth, to what I can cover here in this blog…. But I will summarize three major points I picked up from listening to Joel and how he interprets this Attractive Character.

Creating Your Attractive  Character.

  1. Tell Your Story: Whether this is in your first email or presentations you are doing it is important to tell your story. What is key here, you are wanting to connect emotionally with your target audience. They want to know you are real and have experience with the pain points they are going through.
  2. Share Your Truths: Oh, this one is so important! Be transparent, share everything even your failures. People need to know you have character flaws as well.
  3. Be Polar: Take a stance and stick to it with confidence. If you are neutral, so are your fans. By being polar some will hate you and others will become your Raving Fans.

The key here is what you are selling, should have a connection story… for example if you sell weight loss, connect it with your story if you have one … or have a major testimonial you can relate too.

Another example my product is travel and community, although I am only new to travel I have some really powerful stories to share with travel and community.

One of our team shares the story and photos of his holiday in Mexico. As he relaxed in a hammock, he watched with amazement a lady struggle with her walker, as she walked around the resort selling jewelry she made.

After speaking through an interpreter, to hear  the full story he was able to put the word out through our community…. funds were raised and she now has a motorized wheel chair.

How cool is that! And how powerful is community all on the same mission…

Now that is building your Attractive Character.

P.S: Do you have a story to share on how you build your Attractive Character… I would love to hear it, leave a comment below or drop over and say hello on my Facebook page.

Helene Mearing


Pathfinder Helene

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