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The Key To Unlock The Vault

This Could Be the Key to YOU Unlocking the Money Vault.

Let Me Show You How to Unlock the Profit Potential in Your Hairdressing Business.

I know you’re probably busy with a 101 things on your mind. You’re busy and so am I. So I thought I’d put the key up top to catch your eye, get your attention and may be give you a bit of a giggle. At least it wasn’t scissors or a glam hair do!

What I have to talk to you about today concerns you and your hairdressing business. And how, by making just a few simple changes,  you could literally unlock the money vault and build a stress – free 6 /7 figure business. So since we are talking about unlocking the profit … I thought the key was a perfect choice for the picture.

I urge you to read this blog through to the end and grab the bonus  to discover all my secrets to building a successful hairdressing business ….. secrets that let you Boost profits, Raise prices, Have loyal trustworthy staff, Get off the Tools, Get Consistent, repeatable business right through out the year…

How cool is that…. Hairdressers are in the most perfect position to profit from this exciting new economy. And crazy if they don’t!

Crazy HairdresserCan you imagine still standing cutting hair at 60? … Nope not me!

Let’s look at some points.

FACT: Most Hairdressing Businesses should be rolling in the money at this time of technology confusion… online, offline, social media, online shopping carts ….You can’t buy a haircut online (Yet?) and as long as you play your customer skills right…. you can build your loyal tribe even more …

FACT: Most Hairdressing Business Owners are tied to their business, they turn their back for a second and in many cases productivity goes way down…. does that ring a bell?

FACT: I know what it’s like when things aren’t going your way. But I also know how to build teams and bring in the BIG MONEY! Quickly and easily with out much fuss. And I can show you exactly how I did it.

I guarantee I can show you ….

How to Build Your Hairdressing Business Into a 6 & 7 figure business within 2 Years or Less ….. With Less Agro, Less Drama & More Time Off Than You Ever Thought Possible!

Unfortunately, you and I know how challenging it is running a hair business is.

There are the quiet moments, the sickies, the staff member who up and leave you! only to find them open up around the corner siphoning of what you thought were loyal clients!

And of course we can’t forget the home hairdresser who undercuts everything you stand for! And don’t forget the dodging of massive expenses and taxes you have to pay!


But it doesn’t have to be that way….you’re about to discover an easy way to build the business of your dreams, quickly and easily without any fuss…

You may be asking ….

Who the heck am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Helene Mearing and I show business owners just like you how to get more customers and increase your profits! (Note I said PROFITS not revenue) After 30 plus years in hairdressing running a profitable Hair Salon, a number of years business coaching, tied up with a number of years online…

And is why I believe I can help any business owner in the Hairdressing Industry to …

  • Boost Profits
  • Raise Prices
  • Have  loyal trustworthy staff
  • Get off the tools
  • Get consistent, repeatable business all year round.


I plan to reveal my secrets in an online webinar coming very soon. If you would like to be kept up to date with this please enter your details below and I will keep you informed with the details.


Here’s to seeing you on my webinar.

Helene Mearing


Pathfinder Helene

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Deanna - 7 months ago Reply

This is awesome! Sharing!

Heartsoul Coach - 7 months ago Reply

WOW so much value in this blog!! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with all of us!!

    Pathfinder Helene - 7 months ago Reply

    Thank you… As our leaders say… I L T – Invest Learn Teach… Share what you are learning.

Charles - 7 months ago Reply

I have a friend at the hairdresser I will pass this on

Keren Haim - 7 months ago Reply

Thanks for teaching us your ways! This can be applied in any most cases too!

ohioleader - 7 months ago Reply

Wow! First blog post like this I’ve ever seen. Great job!

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