Buy Local Think Global!

Buy Local Think Global

Let me ask you a question?

When was the last time you surveyed your clients and asked them what they really wanted?

Look in your local paper, and really read what is being advertised..
You know what I mean, things like …

  • Award winning.
  • We care!
  • Complimentary consultation.
  • Free 30 min. massage.

These are all things taken from my local paper, and let’s face it… they are all based on what YOU THINK people want and care about!
Yes, I understand the need to buy local, nothing worse than seeing empty shops in communities. Small business  is essential to any community however a change from old paradigms is needed.
It is still a mystery to me, why we are all lead to believe if we spend all our money locally it is going to save our business community, create full employment and solve our economic challenges by keeping the profit local.
How often do we see local business so out of touch with what is going on, and, how  value is provided online now days.
Could this be some people in business have become subservient to their circumstances.
We have a global community, our world is small now, technology has changed that! Our shop front is the world, with the technology we use and people will continue to shop this way.

What if our local shop front community could turn their annual income into a monthly income by working on Buy Local but Think Global?

Simply by changing their paradigms, to a belief of what else is possible, many things will happen.
If they stretched their belief to what is possible and incorporate tools giving a global reach, profit will increase, employment can grow and long term residual income will solve any problem of lack of funds in retirement.
Many of these marketing campaigns “Buy Local” “Buy Local” are based on what you think people should be interested in, instead of what people are really interested in.
I believe people are really good at heart and will buy locally any way!

Stop Trading Time For Money!

We have a global community, relying on one source of income from your shop front, is leaving you more vulnerable to influences out side of your control.
How would it feel for you, if you knew there was always consistency in dollars coming through with a monthly income stream?
Peace of mind, happier more joyful for the work you do?
Just curious, when was the last time you really looked at what is happening with the number of successful entrepreneurs at the moment.? Are some of these folks your employees…. looking for something else.
When they can generate well in excess of the income a shop front will pay them….why would you not look at how you can build a global income for your business?
Enroll your team, help your community and reduce a massive amount of pressure from you being the primary income generator…
P.S: Your business is people,  start working with people and what they want and your business will change. Remember the paradigm inside of you doesn’t want to change however when you connect with and work with like minded thinkers you form growth … for all. Connect with me, leave me a message if you want to learn more in this area.
Helene Mearing


Pathfinder Helene

To create a profitable service business working with clients is not enough. You need to leverage your expertise to create passive income streams that don't require service delivery. If taught more when you start your business you could skyrocket your business at a much earlier stage... Marketing Made Ezi is here to help you do that. Learn the skills to promote your expertise.

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