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Have You The Right Mindset For Paid Advertising

One of the reasons I knew I needed to join Elite Marketing  Pro was because of my mindset. I will be honest, I had struggled and I know it was my mindset with this particular area. Thanks, Matt, I think this was for me… Awesome Blog. The Right Mindset for Paid Advertising Written by MATT BARAN […]

We Need You Small Business, Step Up.

Can you imagine what it would be like walking around your local community, only to find shop after shop has closed down? I can’t! And yet, it is happening all the time. I think back to buzz and the hum of one of my favorite spots when I walked home from the beach on a […]

Small Business Marketing Magic

Shuffle Card

How to Get More Customers By Connecting, Engaging & Referring. We are in the most exciting time of change in business growth and opportunity. In my 35 plus years of business, I am continually amazed at what technology is doing … and yes, I am not a “Techo Person” But as marketing authority Tony Robbins […]

Could You Use The Internet to Build Your Business?

Why Company Leaders are Secretly Using the Internet to Prospect & Recruit, While Telling Their Downline to Keep It “Old School”  When I read this blog post from Ferny Ceballos our master creator of the ATTRACTION MARKETING Formula I knew I had to pay attention, yes I am a network marketer who is working to achieve results […]