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Small Business Marketing Magic

Shuffle Card

How to Get More Customers By Connecting, Engaging & Referring. We are in the most exciting time of change in business growth and opportunity. In my 35 plus years of business, I am continually amazed at what technology is doing … and yes, I am not a “Techo Person” But as marketing authority Tony Robbins […]

Could You Use The Internet to Build Your Business?

Why Company Leaders are Secretly Using the Internet to Prospect & Recruit, While Telling Their Downline to Keep It “Old School”  When I read this blog post from Ferny Ceballos our master creator of the ATTRACTION MARKETING Formula I knew I had to pay attention, yes I am a network marketer who is working to achieve results […]

Cold Market Recruiting Does It Work?

Cold Market

Yes, Cold Market Recruiting Does Work … Creating a shift in power by  working  on yourself first to create unstoppable confidence and then watch your cold market prospecting explode. For me, one of the biggest frustrations with cold calling is exactly that… it is a cold call and isn’t tangible. If you don’t get an […]

Shifting Your Paradigms…


If you don’t have the results you want then you need to look at what’s holding you back…. and, at a guess, I bet it is your paradigms… or habits stopping you. We convince ourselves, we  will to change …!! New Years Resolutions, Join the Gym, Goal setting, attend inspiring events…but something happens! Great for […]

Are You Talking To The WRONG Audience?

What do you mean? Isn’t everybody my audience or market? Actually, no they are not. Think about your results from some of your marketing and are you getting the return from your advertising dollars. If not, you may be advertising to the wrong audience. One of the reasons I moved to using Elite Marketing Pro, […]

Who Has The Most Influence On Me?


When you stop and think…Who has the most influence on you? You are the people you surround yourself with…For years you hear these words flying around and for many, it may seem difficult to change their situation, the influence is strong. Yet, if those you hang with or get business advice from are those who […]

Find The Starving Crowd First!

Sitting through a rather large training with Instagram this week, got me thinking about business today and what would I do differently, knowing what I know now.  Curiously, I dug deep through my books to find a great marketing training I attended some time back. As I read these lines from this marketing book…and it […]

Light Bulb Moment??

Light Bulb Moment

And then it dawned on me…. The quality of your life is in direct proportion to your ability to communicate. This was  a lightbulb moment for me…Too often we think everybody is a prospective customer or prospect. As I was reading those words and speaking with my coach as he looked over my marketing, I […]