Cold Market Recruiting Does It Work?

Cold Market

Yes, Cold Market Recruiting Does Work …

Creating a shift in power by  working  on yourself first to create unstoppable confidence and then watch your cold market prospecting explode.

For me, one of the biggest frustrations with cold calling is exactly that… it is a cold call and isn’t tangible. If you don’t get an appointment or make a sale, it’s over and done with.

It bothered me when I heard one of my mentors say “You are punished by the life you have lived before with the results you get” …(something along that line)

So does that mean I am going to suck at building a business because I was tied up with a coaching company with questionable strategies…

Or do you Flip the Switch  and just say screw it…. Just do it create a shift in you and a twist in the cold calling…

You’ve got a message to get out there so let’s make Cold Calling Work.

Starting My Cold Calling Journey…

Key points to remember before you begin.

  • Work on yourself till you become the type of person you would want to work with.
  • Never beg, chase, convince, bug, act small, weak, needy or desperate.
  • They want to be lead, they want to be inspired… are you projecting that?
  • If you are at a networking event, meeting, DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE OPPORTUNITY.

They are attempting to make a sale and are focused on what they represent. Talk product only and then outside of meeting you talk about the business..

  • – find meetings and go as an attendee. Listen to everyone at the meeting, never bring up your product.

Bring it back to them or you need to say something, say something simple like … I specialize in blogging and marketing online (this is what we call Attraction Marketing)

  • The Business Card Challenge: Simple answer, the reason I don’t have business cards is because no one follows up…. Do you have a business card? ( then make sure you follow up)
  • Words  to watch for Network Marketers… Don’t use interested or opportunity… use open to a side project
  • Key to cold calling leads – learn how to disqualify quickly.

Let’s look at some examples…

Random Encounters:

Be Busy. Use B.I.C – Break in communication

Before you pop the question create a B.I.C – Create a situation where you have to break.

  • Hey, I’ve got to run. Let me grab your information and I can follow up later.

Posture – What is it? – Not addicted to the outcome!

  • Hey, I’ve got to jump on this call…
  • Just curious, just throwing it out there…
  • Would you be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?
  • What is it? (Brick wall approach raises resistance)
  • Absolutely, I can’t wait to tell you…
  • I’ve got to follow up with this conference call (Create urgency)

Restaurant example: Prospect

I actually have a side project. I’m always looking for sharp (use words you’re comfortable with – be you and be real)  Just throwing it out there would you be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are currently doing.

Look I don’t want to get you into trouble.

So here is how it works I have a video that shows you how it works. I don’t know if it is even a fit for you ….

Most people don’t like Cold Calling we all go through that stage I know how you feel… I hate it too but for your business to grow… it is something we are called to do along with mastering the Attraction Marketing concept online…(my favorite not as confronting)

PS: I have put together a PDF – Are You Being an Effective Communicator or a Tacky Sales Person?  You can grab you copy below

To your success 
Helene Mearing


Pathfinder Helene

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