Collaboration, Is This The New Joint Venture?

Collaboration Marketing

We have all heard the saying Location, Location, Location as the Real Estate call. I briefly want to review the Joint Venture call  as now, Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate.

On the surface, Joint Ventures don’t sound really complicated. Most people understand the idea of working with others.However, when you’ve been around awhile in business, there is a wide variety of arrangements that need to be understood and applied to protect all concerned.

Business is challenging and needs the legal stuff in place!

When you have been in business for some time it is unrealistic to assume you can work entirely on your own for the rest of your life and achieve the goals you set for yourself.

I’m not saying it’s impossible but it is bloody hard work!

Long hours, increasing costs, minimal profits staffing challenges and little time with your loved one …

Not a good feeling. I’m sure you know what I mean!

Although I struggled when I first went online, not knowing what I was really doing and why! And, it could’ve been quite easy to go back and cut hair (till maturity set in!)

But No…

I was on a mission, to find a way the Entrepreneur of today (many of which, are your employees) and the Small Business Industry could and should work hand in hand together.

I knew I was heading in the right direction, the problem is convincing small business owners it’s time to Collaborate…. Not this One Man Band Routine!

There are massive solutions for  business challenges today, as long as they are prepared to collaborate.

After researching many articles as the reference for you I found some beauties in

Why Collaboration Is an Easier Route to Small Business Growth

You can review more at Entrepreneur.c0m

The 4C’s of Business Today…

  1. Communication
  2. Collaboration
  3. Collaboration
  4. Compensation

One major area of difference with the Entrepreneur business model is for them to achieve success they MUST Communicate with their Community, and from that you achieve support and Collaboration helping you to achieve results….. Under today’s rules “If you win I win”

And when this happens all are Compensated for it…

And why I strongly recommend all business to find a Networking and Marketing community which compensates you for referrals…This is the foundation of Attraction Marketing

Just like what happens in Joint Ventures except here everyone wins.

P. S: Yes I use a Network Marketing Tool as my long term additional income stream which fits perfectly into any business system. My first role here, though,  is to get you to see and understand the value of the collaborating with the correct marketing community to get your business up and running online as quickly as possible.


Helene Mearing



Pathfinder Helene

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