How Does Attraction Marketing Work?

What is attraction Marketing Firstly?

And how do you teach attraction Marketing and make it work?

Firstly, people are attracted to people who they believe can help them.

And all great attraction marketers are great storytellers.

This is why I have been attracted to Elite Marketing Pro…. They have many great leaders and storytellers there sharing, supporting and teaching you how to be the “Attraction Marketer”

The key learning  is always to look from the viewpoint of the prospect, not what YOU want to sell, more how you can provide solutions for your prospect.

And it all begins with knowing yourself.

What has been powerful to me and moved me the most is….

“Your MESS is your message”

Who would of thought your mess could be your message!

Confession time,  so I have been working online for some time, but not getting the results I really was looking for.

Till I took on this training – Attraction Marketing Formula.


When I was asked the question… What was I attracted to and why did I purchase the training?

To be honest, it is because I found Ferny to be real… he never comes across like a know it all, it was like he was just talking to me and understood the struggles I was having. He gives me hope as he provides amazing value.

Value + Hope = Insane Attractiveness.

Here are some of his secrets..

7 Secrets To Being Attractive In The Market Place

Positive Energy is attractive.- Monitor your words, people want to follow leaders.

Show Your Life Struggle – From here to there… Never discuss a struggle that’s never been overcome. Attraction Marketing is about the Hero’s Journey.

Put Out Content – Lot’s of it. Make sure to keep it relevant on how you can help. Anything you have give it away.

Uplifting and Interactive – Move around and connect with people. You have to give love first and reach out before you deserve any followings.

Communication – Great headlines – “I can’t believe I am sitting here in Ray Higdon’s class” And what it can do for you. The focus of your communication is about what it can do for them.

Multi Channel Base – Have a home base. A platform of choice, then create accounts across all platforms using the same name. Be Visible.

Become a Master Invitee – Learn how to interact. Be prospect focused. Inviting is not selling, invite to newsletter

Over the next few blog posts we will go into each a little deeper. I will be starting with “Show Your Struggle” … This is about your Hero’s Journey – the pain you’ve had before you did XYZ and then you found the solution.

P.S: Grab your Free Boot camp training of the Attraction Marketing System

Till Next time..

How can you become more attractive online?

Helene Mearing

Pathfinder Helene

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