Play Small Or Are YOU Ready to Step Up?

Before Elite Marketing Pro I struggled with consistency and generating leads online.

The first thing I noticed I didn’t have a plan and a consistent daily method. Since using the Attraction Marketing Formula, working with my personal Ignition Coach I now have a clear vision and I realize the sky is the limit as long as I stay the course.

And the best part of all, once you understand the concept of Attraction marketing you can set your business up anywhere.

The most important part of this, it works with any Industry.

After working with The Attraction Marketing Formula and connecting with our special community it is clear to see why we now have so many 6 and 7 figure earners.

With this being a major key to why I believe all small business owners would gain major benefits if they connected and looked at what this community offers.

7 Steps to Becoming a Major Business Builder.

Make a Decision to commit. Say to yourself  …

  • I am developing these skills.
  • I am getting past all my mindset. Success with this is bigger than my fears.
  • This is my gateway skill.

Mindset – Develop  Recruiting Mindset.

  • I have a gift. Network Marketing isn’t perfect it does have it’s ups and downs
  • It is for entrepreneurial thinkers.
  • Get into business for yourself, this is a gift.
  • I have a gift, you need to clear your calendar.

Collect Friends – Successful recruiters in Network Marketing collect friends.

  • Build relationships with the world
  • Bring value to the world.
  • Raise awareness.
  • Have you ever thought about being an entrepreneur.
  • I help people become entrepreneurs. Raise your level of awareness collect friends 

Develop Positive Daily Habits.

  • Everyday add 2 friends to your list.
  • Collect friends is a positive daily habit.
  • Talk to 1 new person a day
  • Personal development.
  • Progress is perfection.

Always Be Prepared.

  • Tools & Stories. Learn stories and learn to share.


  • Passion, Vision, Belief is the gift.

Think Bigger 

Think bigger faster, not just minimal goals

P.S One powerful benefit when you think bigger and share value is the global communities you can help. Here at Elite Marketing Pro as affiliates we support communities around the world. A large percentage of every Attraction Marketing Formula purchase over the next week will be going to the Heifer Foundation where we help women build their own small business in remote areas. We can create change when we work together, and I appreciate your support. Please share the love if you got value from this blog and would love to read you feed back.

To your online success.

Helene Mearing

Pathfinder Helene

To create a profitable service business working with clients is not enough. You need to leverage your expertise to create passive income streams that don't require service delivery. If taught more when you start your business you could skyrocket your business at a much earlier stage... Marketing Made Ezi is here to help you do that. Learn the skills to promote your expertise.

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