Reducing Acidity and Increasing Alkalinity to get Rid of Body Fat Cells?

Body Balancing Formula

I don’t believe it? could I  lose inches by detoxifying my body

Or was this just another fad as you see on TV.

Watching my friend closely I could see the changes before me. It was like a sculptor was there redesigning her body.

And what was even crazier, I know the long hours she does on the road, the interstate trips as well, not giving her time to be a gym junkie but there was obvious change happening before my eyes.

In fact over the last six weeks these are her results.

Now this is one very happy girl.

6 week progress:

Down 5.6kgs 😊

Total cm lost = 30….including

Neck 2.5

Bust 3

Waist 7

Tummy 8

Hips 3.5

Too many people getting amazing results to ignore this…. Look at my friend Arron, he is another perfect example.

Although I was not on a mission to “lose weight”…

It is interesting to see how the body does store fat in the wrong areas and although I exercise regularly….. My problem was the afternoon slumps and the sugar cravings, which as the years roll on!…. can cause a muffin top…

Not For Me!!

Alright, full disclosure here….  I’m guilty, I like a glass of wine in the afternoon and DID have nibbles however since starting on this Body Balancing formula…. Things have changed.

Nibbles have gone, still occasionally have the wine though, but not consistently.

To many impressive results around me, I was on a mission to understand more why was  this working so quickly and so obviously.

Health has always been an interest of mine, starting with the day I turned vegetarian after attending an Anthony Robbins Seminar.

With family history of the “BIG C” and some family members with health challenges now I wanted to create a different direction.

I know it is up to me and if I wanted to take my health to the next level things had to change.

The biggest eye opener for many of us is just how misleading “Health Marketing / Advertising” can be.

Along with that, when you really read on the backs of the products….

Can you  understand what the heck they really are?


The challenge is, most are Synthetic chemicals which have an addictive nature like Sugar. No wonder these companies are making such huge profits…. people are addicted to the chemicals in them.

I started with these Homeopathic Drops – Body Balancing Formula three weeks ago and have lost 2.5 cm around my tummy…

Most Diets or Weight loss products work by suppressing the appetite, the minute you stop. BOOM the weight goes back on again.

Not these drops! I found …

  • Not suppressing like most.
  • Weight loss is the side effect of reducing acidity and increasing alkalinity in the body.
  • Releases toxins from the Fat Cells (where problem lies – fat cells love toxins)
  • Re sets taste buds
  • Balance thyroid
  • Lowers Stress Hormones (girls you will love this)

And the list goes on. 

If you really want to know the truth you really need to check out these facts… The “Shakedown” Report for example on shakes will open your eyes up as to what you are putting into your body. You can grab the report here….

To Your Success


Helene Mearing

Pathfinder Helene

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