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How to Get More Customers By Connecting, Engaging & Referring.

We are in the most exciting time of change in business growth and opportunity.
In my 35 plus years of business, I am continually amazed at what technology is doing … and yes, I am not a “Techo Person”

But as marketing authority Tony Robbins says that the definition of insanity is to do the same things you’ve always done and expect to get different results.

Pretty profound, wouldn’t you say?

Let’s think about that some more.

Are you wondering how to get different results in your business, while continuing to do what you’ve always done? If so, we need to talk.

You see, for results to change, the steps leading up to them must change. In other words, you must change what you do!

I know that sounds insane. (Like you don’t know that already.)

Well, it might sound insane, but I have to tell you, my in my experience some of us are like spinning tops with all the things we need to do to build our business …. and the road block in most cases is – Technology.

Till now!

And I’m being very honest. Convincing people to change how they think about their business is the greatest challenge I face.

Change is here, changes we must face and master otherwise your business will shrivel up and decline.

Take for example this exciting new tool I found … My Virtual Interactive Business Card.

This Virtual Interactive Business Card allows you to connect, engage and refer others while you can also be on your customer’s phone as the provider of value…. and guess what happens… they refer you.

Refer Others

How could this help you and your business?

We all know it can be challenging when you first go online. However, things are becoming so much easier all you do is fill in the blanks to join all the dots together.

  • Link all your social media
  • Put live video links on your virtual business card
  • Link to go and purchase page
  • Link to a Pdf to read or download
  • Reminder sent to follow up.

Being able to add video to business cards allows you to also niche down providing specific solutions for a specific problem. Talk directly by paying forward your business card, deliver value, change content and create organic business referrals. You may have a team in network marketing or direct sales, this allows you to keep in contact providing value and help your team with following up.

And we all know how valuable referrals and follow-ups are today.

I could rave on forever how excited I am about this tool. The best step for you is if you are curious about how this can help your business sign up for a 14 Day Free Trial We have a community of like-minded business builders on Facebook all there ready to help you out with lots of different marketing ideas to build your business.

Shuffling 2 your business success.

Helene Mearing



Pathfinder Helene

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