Struggling To Get Results – You Are More Capable Than YOU Think!

Build Your Vision

Look at Your VISION First.

The one thing that is for sure and if you get this! all the rest will fall into place.

Without a Vision you won’t stick to a Daily Routine.

When you have a compelling Vision …..It creates your daily routine.

What do you want? What do you see?

Writing your compelling Vision.

If it was a car,

  • Where is the first place you would drive it too?
  • Who will you see there ?
  • How does the car handle? (the feelings it created)

If it was a house,

  • What kind of mat would you have at the front door?
  • Will it have door knobs?
  • What are the colors of the walls?

Set your Vision into Goals…

  • How will it feel when these goals are yours?
  • How will others view you?
  • What will you see through your eyes?


What is the benefit, then, what is the benefit of the benefit?

Then when you have it written down… remember to read it.

I am so happy and grateful. I have crafted the perfect Vision for my life.

When Building your Vision…

What is the benefit to others. You have to believe in possibility.

One liner….

“I specialize in ________”

Then fill in the blanks to help solve your ideal clients biggest problem.


I specialize in helping business become better so they can serve others better and grow.

I specialize in helping business build strong relationships.

We either play big and man up. Or play small and let the world pass us by.

You Dictate your success.


Helene Mearing


Pathfinder Helene

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