Take Some Great Advice and Diversify!

Diversify your business

You know how, a financial adviser or planner will tell you to protect yourself, against any financial disasters striking one or more of your assets … DIVERSIFY.

Although, it took me a long time to wake up to this, your belief it won’t happen to you, this is Australia “The Lucky Country” .. or

I’m too busy working, my bank will look after me! 

Well we all know how that can end up!!

For some of you, the younger ones in the infancy stages of business everything is still in the exciting, I am invincible stage and I’m ready to conquer the world. This may not make much sense yet.

However, for the others pay attention.

Diversification just makes good sense.

How does this apply to you?

Your marketing and prospecting are your investment in your business.

If you are only doing one or two things, like the occasional local paper ad or your posts on Facebook without really understanding how to best do it.

You’ll be another statistic of the business closing their doors. Or your partner telling you your Home Based Business is not working … go get a real job.

You cannot do only one or two things with marketing and prospecting and expect to scale up your business.

As well, with online, if you have no real understanding of the essentials with things like an “Auto Res-ponder” to allow you to legally email clients and not fall into the SPAM act.

You are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Nothing is for certain … It can easily go wrong. And when it looks like easy street…. there can be danger lurking at your door.

Most people do a couple of marketing concepts and expect to build a strong solid business. Life continues to change and business continues to change with it. For business to keep up, diversifying is key and creating many doors open to your business will always back you up, if something goes wrong with one income stream.

 The Secret I Stumbled On.

Business can be challenging, I get it.

After 30 plus years cutting hair, then needing to turn to the Internet and Network marketing, as I was NOT ready to retire!

To my disgust,  no one would employ me, in their eyes I was to old!

I almost QUIT!, finding the online world a challenge, and prospecting and network marketing THE OLD WAY… I hated!

Yes, it is what your up line told you to do, and how your company promotes building your business. And, as for you small business owners, don’t think you escape this.

Look at what happens at your local Chamber of Commerce or BNI…. same bloody stuff!

Finally I found a solution, I found peace of mind, it was like I had been given my life back again and totally re ignited. Read more here.

The Attraction Marketing Formula

Now, before any of you small business owners FREAK OUT… yes the wordings network marketing  and MLM are used through out. But if you can keep your mind open, it also refers to marketing ANY PRODUCT…. it does not matter what your business is.

For something so little, this has been one the greatest investment in marketing and advertising I have ever done.

I am finally seeing a return on all the work… and you will see why Diversifying your marketing techniques and building addional income streams are key for you in business today.

P.S: Please come over to my Facebook Page and say hello. Leave me a message or ask me any questions you may have on building your business. I am here to be of service to you. 

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