We Have A Better Way.

Have you heard the quote from one of our greatest business leaders Eric Worre

We Have A Better Way!

Yes, Eric is referring to our growing powerful industry of Network Marketing, which we all know has been around for years and years. It may also be referred to as Direct Sales, Networking, Referral Marketing, MLM whatever you want to call it.

Yet still, so many struggles for so many, including me at mastering this ‘better way’.

Why is that?…

Curiosity hooked me and I started my journey into this industry many years ago.

Attending meetings, pounding the pavements, leaving drop cards, you name it I did it and really began to hate every moment of that.

What was the problem?

What  was it  many of us are missing.

I believe it is  a  real lack of understanding of communication, connecting and building relationships. Too often it is just the sale and churning the numbers people are looking at and focused on for themselves to gain the next rank!

Still leaving us with this dilemma of people hating network marketing for this reason. Actually to put it correctly hating the network marketer!

Unfortunately, this still happens today. Fortunately, we have people like Eric Worre, Ray Higdon, and Ferny Ceballos creating massive change in this area.

With things like the Attraction Marketing Formula

Winding The Clock Forward.

 We are in such a fast moving global environment now technology has changed everything, yet many still, run their business in this old school manner

Pound the pavements, place the ads, attend network events exchange cards and rarely follow up.

Everything Is Connected In This Universe

You may ask … what the heck does this have to do with business!

Whether you believe in science or not but there is an interesting connection here. Universal energies.

There is an invisible energy field that connects everything in the universe, and it is proven.

This is happening with you, me our business, our life.

And with technology combined with the same principles, energy fields connecting all together… why would you not look at reframing the benefits and the power of network marketing and what it can do for you.

Look at what your business really is… 

The 4 C’s of Business.

  1. Communication
  2. Community
  3. Collaboration
  4. Compensation

Network Marketing is a better way, and the Attraction Marketing Formula is the key to achieving that better way.


Pathfinder Helene

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