What Do You Really Want?

Build a Bigger Vision

Building Your Vision.

End of year will be soon upon us. 

How did you go? Have you achieved all you had set down in your goal plan?

Congratulations if you did, and for those who have not achieved the results they truly wanted…

Do you ever stop and ask yourself why does this happen?

How can you create the results and the life you want?

Well it all starts with your Vision and you Major Purpose you have in life and how clearly you have it written down!

If it is not written down, it’s just a wish and nothing will eventuate.

The challenge for many, they don’t really know what they want in life! and consequently with  no clear plan they are drawn to follow the crowd and become a victim of circumstance… Other people’s paradigms are in control of you.

Yes, you do take on the paradigms, patterns or habits of those you hang with and any negative news you watch.

 This is critical you Sub- Conscious mind is like mother earth, what ever you plant in it it will grow. This is why you must be constantly feeding your mind positive habits and repetition as what you focus on does become a self fulfilling prophecy.

Life is a Jigsaw Puzzle… 

Remember when you were younger building your first jigsaw puzzle, it was easy when you had the lid of the box you could see clearly where each piece had to slot in too…

And what happened when the lid became torn and tattered and was no good any more….the puzzle got shoved to the corner of the cupboard, occasionally you would have a half heated attempt to put the pieces together.

But you couldn’t see where you were going, yes, the image, to get the results.

Life can be like this too!

With out a clear picture, what are you focusing on?

This is why creating a clear mental picture in your conscious mind is critical. Followed by the next most important step, turning this image over to your sub-conscious mind and plant it in your heart.

Holding this image in your heart, combined with repetition of reading your written vision statement daily (actually morning noon and night) is what keeps you on track forming new habits and creating new results.

This is essential if you want to create results in your life and not become a victim of circumstances.

Develop Your Morning Routine.

Reading your vision statement is essential, as well having essential books like, Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill or Bob Proctor’s You Were Born Rich laying around… repetition is key, reading a page every day fills your mind with rich fertile thoughts.

This prevents you from taking on board any negative paradigms floating around.

  1. Write down 10 things you’re grateful for (could even be a future event) it is critical you inject this exercise with deep feeling. (like how you you inject your written vision statement with deep feeling)
  2. Send love to 3 people who are bothering you.
  3. Ask Spirit for guidance for the day… 

When we implement constantly steps to feed our mind it is amazing how much you draw to you.

Helene Mearing



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Pathfinder Helene

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