What If it Could Really Work … Would You Believe In Possibilities?

Are You A Visionary? 

There was something different about this guy! I couldn’t believe the first time I sat in on one of my first training’s, he blew my mind away…How can a person’s mind think this way?

Is this really possible? Can I really build a global business using my phone!

Just over two years later, here in Australia when this product/ service was launched, everything this guy predicted with the direction this company is going …. Has exceed all expectations. Watching his latest global growth forecast I tell myself this is something every small business owner needs to use.

This is what I call a “Freedom Focused Business” – Membership, Experiences and Sharing Economy.

Being part of a ten year old company breaking barriers is exciting.

Why did I first look at going into one of “those companies” after successful hard years in Hairdressing you may ask.

Well to put it bluntly, our Superannuation plan for retirement was not looking healthy. And let’s face it, the global economy has us going through some massive changes and I needed set some protection areas in place for me and my family.

After really thinking carefully and doing my research.

It was time to open to new realities on the way in which business is done today.

When you do, you can experience all kinds of new successes!

Products and services no one else has, allowing people from all walks of life to tap into this global economy and be a part of the membership movement. 

This could be your clients, your next door neighbor, family members people are looking for change in their own circumstances.

As a retired small business owner building a global business without the investment in a brick and mortar business was singing to me.

You only have to stroll through your  local business community listening to these constant Buy Local campaigns. Setting up in ond of those types of business was not for me any more.

All I need now is a phone and internet connection.

We always get what we want, and if you feel your “good name” and professional approach in business is all people are interested in, but you’re not making sales, it’s time for a new view.

Paying attention to image and professionalism only, you’re letting meaningless noise drown out what is really happening.

Doing what you have always done only get’s you what you’ve always got.

P,S: Ready for change. I am looking for the Best Players in our Team. Is that you? If so, leave me a comment below or fill out some details here too Work With Helene.

To Your Business Success

Helene Mearing




Pathfinder Helene

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