What results do you want to produce with your business?

Are you playing to small?

Could playing too small be why you’re frustrated with your business results?

Is it really possible to double your profits using a strategy like this 5 Step Formula they keep talking about?

The answer is absolutely!

And how would you feel about that?

Do you find your marketing program has been limping along? Tried all the different tactics like Joint Ventures, Referral programs, even consignment stock.

Did that work for you?

One of the easiest ways to increase your profits is by increasing your transaction size. You remember how it goes “Do you want fries with that?” Or look at the coffee cup sizes now! Let’s supersize it all.

And now with the magic of technology and building your business both online and offline… you can supersize it all.

So what is this 5 Step Formula?

I was first introduced to it on my coaching journey and on further research I find it stems back to masters like Jay Abraham. You will also find it in, ‘The  5 Pillars of Success’ by Dr Greg Chapman

So, I don’t know who created it, what I do know is that it works!

What we are looking at is how you can maximize these 5 key areas.

Firstly you need to start measuring the results you are getting here. What you focus on grows!

Lead Generation => Using  free up front offers, joint ventures, networking face to face, Social Media and also using tools available online with video emailing and newsletters, electronic business cards.

Viral marketing we will call that. You will gain referrals and business here, as you position yourself as the expert  in your field, presentations, building referral partners and the list goes on.

Conversions => increase your conversions of the leads you create by providing value, building rapport which in-turn will reduce client acquisition costs. Building your communication skills, and understanding the emotional triggers to provide solutions. Testimonials, have a benefit list, video testimonial, follow up system like electronic business cards and auto responders are essential for any business today.

Number of transactions. Keep regular contact, use products providing auto ship facility, automated follow up, send a thank you, build relationships and create your own tribe, time line of communication …Create a VIP community, membership community and be the leader of your tribe. I’m a great believer of using today’s technology to help you create recurring income with your business. If you can’t generate income while you sleep, you will be working for the rest of your life.

Average Transaction Size, increase the size. Make sure client knows your full service available, train your customers, checklist, starter packs. Build rapport treat clients special, educate on value not price. Again using membership sites which have products clients will automatically will want makes it so much easier to build your Average Transaction size.

Profit Margins. Increase your prices, no discounting, sell via Network Marketing, promote idle time, eliminate waste, check your phone bills, buy for appreciation and leasing for depreciation.

We are in the most exciting time to build and grow your business using technology to step you up to the next level.

Yet there are always demands on our focus and in most cases there is no plan keeping us on track.

When you ask yourself these 3 Questions, you will get yourself back on track.

  • What is my outcome?
  • What do I really want from this situation?
  • What is the results I am really after?

When you change your focus you change your life.

I love the saying from J Paul Getty (Oil Billionaire)

I would rather have 1% of a 100 peoples efforts than 100% of my own efforts.

Using tools of today… all dreams are possible.

PS: Like to learn more using technology to create additional income streams the contact Helene Mearing by Clicking Here

See you online.

Helene Mearing

Pathfinder Helene

To create a profitable service business working with clients is not enough. You need to leverage your expertise to create passive income streams that don't require service delivery. If taught more when you start your business you could skyrocket your business at a much earlier stage... Marketing Made Ezi is here to help you do that. Learn the skills to promote your expertise.

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