Who Has The Most Influence On Me?


When you stop and think…Who has the most influence on you?

You are the people you surround yourself with…For years you hear these words flying around and for many, it may seem difficult to change their situation, the influence is strong.

Yet, if those you hang with or get business advice from are those who focus on the “Stuff” or the “Lack” going on in their life or within their business. The blame is being put on someone else. 

Guess what results you will get!

Why would allow this influence and  take advice from someone who is not achieving results and a major income earner?

When you accept,  the key to your success is not luck or taking advice from people who have NOT achieved, what you are looking for.

It’s about becoming a student of yourself, investing in yourself and taking advice from people you can model.

And stop allow other people’s opinions dictate your outcome.

When you realize the key to the vault is inside of you and when you work on this daily, amazing results happen and amazing people will come into your life to lift you to the next level. People like Tim and Ferny here at Elite Marketing Pro

You’re letting the universe know you’re ready for the next level.

For me, I know now I am ready to handle building my business online as I have influence and community with a system proven to make you grow… as long as your prepared to do some work of course.

Too often in business, we like to ‘Be In Control’. All controls are fear based issues and often when you hang with people on that level of thinking you stop yourself from growing. When you decide to step up and build your influence understanding the principles of Attraction Marketing results happen.

Your world without is a direct reflection of your world within you. 

For years, I read the books…

  • How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • Think and Grow Rich
  • The Power of Positive Thinking

And achieved no results, till I realized perfection comes from practice, not just reading.

After a major pattern interrupt in my life with an accident I had,  everything was turned upside down and around about. Although a harder way to do it, but it was a clear way for me to break the negative cycle of people influencing my life.

Become a Student of yourself … Learn how to influence you!

The key to success in business and in your life is about taking action. Instead of focusing on the “Missing Piece” begin to notice what’s there and have an attitude of gratitude.

Ask yourself …

Am I looking at what’s missing or am I looking at the beauty of what is there and focus more on the steps you need to take to make it grow.

Interesting to remember…

“The Law of Dominant thought the Subconscious say’s what you focus on expands. If you focus on what is missing you get more of what is missing”

Shift your thinking and your focus to ‘How can I make this grow’

And this  gives you the power of having a strong influence over the people around you.

P.S: One key element which connects all this together is a SYSTEM…. Elite Marketing Pro is my system of choice and the community  I am a part of as their influence is creating growth for all those prepared to commit to themselves and their business influence.

Helene Mearing

Pathfinder Helene

To create a profitable service business working with clients is not enough. You need to leverage your expertise to create passive income streams that don't require service delivery. If taught more when you start your business you could skyrocket your business at a much earlier stage... Marketing Made Ezi is here to help you do that. Learn the skills to promote your expertise.

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