Why Almost Every Small Business Should Do Network Marketing.

Small Business Network Marketing

Fast Track Your Success -By Challenging Conventional Wisdom.

If you think about it, where do most people go for marriage advice … The couple who have been happily married for many years?

Don’t think so!

What about Financial advice? Many choose to get advice from people who only make money from the commissions they make with the products they sell.

What about your business? The biggest learning for me over my business years… go to the people who already have what you and copy it… or should I say… Model It!

To become wealthy and successful in business you must think like the wealthy do. Let’s face it many of the conventional systems are flawed and working from the old paradigms. Wealth Creator

The challenge for many in small business they tend to meet with a lot of internal resistance when their beliefs are being challenged.

When you look at this example taken from “The Cash Flow Quadrant” Robert Kiyosaki you can see what is happening.

The Left Side: EEmployee and S- Self Employed….

It is the Time/Wage hours in exchange for money and impossible to create wealth.

The Right Side: B – Business Owner you own systems  and I – Investor money works for you.

The majority of all the people fall into the E & S side of the Quadrant.

What are most people in business looking for and yes, this includes your employee’s as well?

Their looking for an alternative, they are tired of the old ways … they want freedom.

Now you are probably wondering what this has to do with network marketing! A lot, let me show you.

4 Freedom Types.

  1. Time (Breaking free from the time/ wage paradigm)
  2. Money (Making enough money to buy back your time)
  3. Relationship freedom ( Spending your time with the people you want to spend your time with)
  4. Freedom of purpose.

And there is only 2 ways to gain time and financial freedom.

  1. You are either lucky. ( maybe you inherit or win it, lottery mentality)
  2. Move to the right side of the cash flow quadrant

Own a system that works for you, and Network Marketing is a system and does work for you and your team.

Out of all the people you know, how many have the 4 freedom types.  How does that effect their purpose?

You have to have systems that make you money. And in small business it does when you implement network marketing

All Small Business Owners – Quote from Ray Higdon Blog. Read full blog here

Some of the points for sales people also apply to small business owners and why they should do network marketing too. The biggest reason that I think small business owners should do network marketing is for the free marketing and community support they get. In our team we have our friends Rhonda and Vern Haney that own Haney’s cafe and we get them to cater all our big events we do in our area. I never would have even known about their restaurant if it wasn’t for them joining our team.

When you have a business owner in your team, the team WANTS to support their business. I wonder how many restaurants and other small businesses have gone OUT of business that could have kept their doors open with just a little local support?

Another example, my electrician I use he is in our Travel Networking Community. He was sharing how, after each major training, or the Social Media connections and local business meetings…. his Electrical business grows… although the network marketing is only a small part of it…. what he learns about himself and the connections he makes… Network marketing is an important part of his electrical business as it has increased his client base as well as his profit.

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