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Looking back over all the years, running my small business, the time spent as a trainer for major Hairdressing Companies also Business Coaching the focus was always on how to fill your practice with more clients, more clients and more clients. But is that really working as well for you today?

I get it, you can’t run a business with out clients so what’s your point!

My point though, today the world is going through massive changes and unprecedented economic changes.

Reading a quote  from The Economist Magazine which estimates that 60% of the jobs we do today will not be around in 20 years.

  • Taxis => Uber
  • Blockbusters => Netflix
  • Accommodation => AirBnb
  • Travel agents => online DIY (Travel Memberships)

And is why, when I look at some small business being challenged today, it makes me stop and think.

You can’t solve problems (clients, staff & shopping online) at the same level of thinking that created those problems. 

And is why I show small business owners and entrepreneurs how to grow beyond a full practice so they can stop relying just on clients to stay in business. 

The secret weapon, a different business model where you focus on creating more free time (imaging how that would feel) not getting booked with clients.

Being maxed out or burnt out causes many service business owners to feel stuck, hopeless and looking for a way to fix their business model.

What I am sharing with you, is a business model where the client income is a cherry on top the cake. With other income streams creating the financial foundation.

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To your success in business growth.

Helene Mearing